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Today the darkness of the past eight years will be gone officially. The remnants of it will still haunt us for a while, but we, as the people of United States, have chosen to look into the future and to recognize that our diversity only makes us stronger. And so it starts… Barack Obama will be sworn in as the new President of the United States, and his taking of the office has a meaning for each of us individually. It inspires me that my fellow citizens have risen above hatred and negativity, and have chosen a new beginning. It inspires me that we have all been asked to at last take responsibility for our actions,  to better our communities, and to take care of our less fortunate neighbors. I applaud such a message because it is so common sense, yet it is so rare. It will take all of us, united, to right the wrongs that have been done. I hope the good will and positive energy spread across the borders so that we can redefine globalization as something which brings prosperity to all people and to our beautiful planet.

So, Mr. Obama, here is to you, and here is to light. Here is to our future!


We ate all the desserts, we put away the Christmas decorations. 2009 resolutions can begin in earnest. I am going to ease myself into exercising routine by starting with an exercise DVD: Louise Solomon’s Yoga & Pilates. I bought this DVD three years ago after my daughter was born and I used it once. That is how dedicated I was to exercise. So I am going to use it this morning and see how it goes. I will give it a week before I express any opinion on it.

Indian cooking update:

Yesterday I made these three dishes for lunch:

1. Tomato Cucumber Raita from Indian Food Made Easy, pg. 132 – DELICIOUS!
2. Spinach Pilaf from Indian Food Made Easy, pg. 120 – DELICIOUS!
3. Chicken in Cashew Nut Sauce, 5 Spices, 50 Dishes, pg.65 – SUPER DELICIOUS!

It is January 1st of a New year and it is time for those famous resolutions. I heard a resolution “expert” on TV say that the best way to set your resolutions is to make them realistic, and to have a plan and support system to fulfil your resolutions. It does make perfect sense. Here are mine:

– to start exercising (I bet this is the most common resolution, or maybe it is the one about loosing weight). For me it is not so much a weight issue as is health issue. I used to be very active, I danced ballet intensly for many years, but the day I found out I was pregnant, I fell of the wagon, and climbed back on a few times, only to fall off again. This year I want to be kind to my body, since it has been pretty forgiving of my negligence in the past few years. Plan: go to bed early and get up early to exercise. Support System: my man.

– to be more creative with what I have in my closet instead of constantly thinking I need to buy just one more thing. I want to especially pay attention to accessories, other then hats and scarves. I rediscovered belts; belts are very cool, especially the ones in color. Plan: set out clothes the evening before. Support System:

– to go to bed earlier (10:30 pm) and get up earlier (6 am). Plan: prepare for bed while my daughter is playing in her bath. She goes to bed at 8 pm. Support System: ahem, myself.

– to learn new technologies that are on my To Learn list. Plan and Support System: Nike – Just do it.

On an unrelated note I am really excited to watch New Year’s Concert from Vienna. It makes the New Year Holiday complete.

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