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Our First Lady, Michelle Obama, has been a style icon in making for a while. However, today she truly became one. Her outfit for the inauguration ceremony was so elegant and beautifully made. I loved the green gloves and shoes; they worked really well with the outfit. Then, Mrs. Obama kicked it up a few notches, and chose a beautiful white gown for the inaugural balls. She looked stunning in it. Below are pictures of both outfits so you can see for yourself. Could it be that style has finally arrived to Washington, DC?


Today my super cool hairstylist gave me a super cool haircut. It is edgy and short, and I really like it. While chatting with him about fashion, I mention The Sartorialist, a really cool blog that I love and visit frequently. I also realized at that moment that I have not added The Sartorialist to my blog and so tonight I am correcting that wrong. Anyway, my hairstylist was noticed by the man behind the blog while he was in New York City walking down the street. And when the guy asked him if he could take a picture, he agreed without realizing who was photographing him. So here he is, my super cool hairstylist. If you live in DC area and want a super cool haircut, email me and I will gladly pass you the number of his salon.

Photo curtesy of The Sartorialist

Photo courtesy of The Sartorialist

Two days ago, Angie, from YLF, posted a preview of fashion trends for Spring 2009. It is a really nice post which summarizes the upcoming trends. However, the trends themselves have made my heart sink. I will have to sit out most of them. The only trends that hold promise are the pastels, suits, fun accessories and possibly prints. The rest I can skip. Some of the unappealing trends are harem pants. Yes, harem pants, I had to read that twice. As if that wasn’t enough, last night while browsing through the latest issue of Lucky magazine I came across the harem pants.

I’ve been having a difficult relationship with fashion for the past 2 years, and it looks like that trend will definitely continue for at least a season. The fact that my style is described as feminine-androgynous (by YLF) doesn’t really help me either. It just seems that fashion has gone drab and fussy, often ugly. Gladiator sandals anyone? Those babies may have looked good on Spartacus and his pals, and even that we don’t know for sure. The only brand that I love for its beautiful clothes with classic and feminine lines and bright colors is J.Crew.  The designers for J.Crew  seem to have an uncanny ability to spot the flattering trends and exploit them, the rest of the unwearable stuff they skip. So I look forward to what they have to say about Spring 2009 before I spring for those harem pants in an act of desperation.


Posted on: January 4, 2009

This summer I got a beautiful handbag for my birthday from my mom. It is a bag that I spotted in a Croatian magazine the year before. The bag’s name is “Tkanica” and it is made by hand by women from Knin, Croatia. The proceeds from the sales of these bags go to provide education and other support for women in that region of Croatia. The bag is so simple and so colorful, it is a perfect accessory for a professional woman. It livens up the dullest suit. You can only buy it in Zagreb, Croatia. So book you next vacation to Croatia and get yourself a bag that is truly unique and beautiful.

Carry it by the handle …


… or over your shulder


Has anyone seen the New Year’s Concert from Vienna? It aired last night at 8 pm on PBS. It was so beautiful. They had lovely ballet sequences,  and even young ballet students danced to the Blue Danube waltz. My favorite for the evening was the Alexandrine polka francaise. I could not find it on Amazon downloads, but I have not tried Itunes yet.

So this morning I posted my first question to YLF about pointy toe shoes. I’ve amassed a small collection of these shoes before I got pregnant a few years back. Once I started working again in the office, the style kind of passed and round toe was in. I don’t want to get rid of them since they are good shoes, but I am not sure if I can wear them now without looking ridiculous (or as someone put it “like the wicked witch of the East“, or was it the West? The one whose toes curled when she was destroyed). What do you think? I am not even sure what to wear them with, but I love them all the same.

Gianni Barbato

Cesare Paciotti

Dolce & Gabana


Charles David

Mario Valentino

I came across a really cool fashion blog, and they have a forum to ask style questions. I love it! Its creator is a stylist from Seattle who is really hip, I mean really hip.  Check it out:

You know how employers say you can have a casual Friday, and then everyone rejoices and wears their jeans to the office, that is everyone except me. For me that used to mean that I had to tone down my dressing up for a day, and most of the time I would just dress up anyway. The reason is not that I am extremely vain, but because I lacked the proper booty-wear for casual Fridays and because I am seriously impaired when it comes to casual attires. I have one pair of jeans, Armani Exchange, which are great for my behind as long as I don’t have sit down. So I thought hard, even though it was really not a hard problem to solve, and I figured out what I needed: a high-waisted trouser cut jeans in dark wash. And that was my gift to myself for Christmas. I splurged in spite of my wailing over the economy. I got a pair of 7’s at Bloomingdale’s. They are beautiful, dark, no distractions, soft fabric and I love them. I love them so much that I want to sleep in them, and I want everyday to be casual Friday (well maybe not everyday). They go great with my motorcycle/riding boots, my oxford pumps and any other pumps really. I can even wear them with ballet flats.

Don’t hate them because they are beautiful. Get them instead!

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