The Silver Spoon – conclusion

Posted on: January 20, 2009

thesilverspoonIt has been a while since I’ve provided an update to my adventures in kitchen. Last week I sampled recipes from The Sliver Spoon, and I must say the results were somewhat less than spectacular. Most recipes turned out pretty good, but some I had to eat by myself for lunch two days in a row because my family refused to dig in. Oh well, at least they tried it.

What worked:

Pork chops in Gorgonzola, pg. 766 – superb, especially if you like Gorgonzola cheese
Chicken with cream, pg. 924 –  my husband hated it because he is particular about chicken, and my daughter saw him grimace when he tasted so that was the end of that meal for them. I, on the other hand, loved it.
Cream of spinach soup, pg. 221 – this was a really nice and healthy soup. The toddler liked it in spite of the green color, so ’nuff said.
Tortiglioni with mushroom and eggplant, pg. 304 – a very nice dish, I could not find tortiglioni so I used rombi and we loved it. Even the little one ate a few pieces of mushroom and eggplant.

What didn’t work (for me):

Broiled eggplant, pg. 512 –  I don’t know why this recipe didn’t succeed, but I am suspecting it had to with the broiler in my oven. The eggplant tasted like a boiled shoe. Surprisingly, it tasted pretty good the next day. I think perhaps all the flavors (basil, garlic, eggplant and olive oil) had a chance to mix. Of course I smothered it with some cream sauce from the Chicken with cream dish (see above).

Overall, I think my experiment has not made me a bigger fan of the cookbook. In all fairness, I have not tried too many recipes, but what I tried was certainly all right, and I think it will do for once in a while. The section that I still have to tap into is the Desserts. I suspect that I after sample a few of the recipes from that section, I will be ready to lay my life on the line defending the cookbook.  I’ll let you know.


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