The Duchess

Posted on: January 19, 2009

Last night I settled myself comfortably on my couch to enjoy a historical movie called The Duchess. The movie is based on a biography of Georgiana Spencer, the Duchess of Devonshire. It is a beautiful movie, and Kierra Knightely is truly lovely in it. The costumes were dreamy, opulent, a perfection, although I can’t imagine how long it would take a woman of Duchess’ stature to get dressed in the morning. What surprised me the most was the mood of the movie. I expected something between Les Liaisons Dangereuses and  Le Ridicule, but it was not anything like that at all. Without giving anything away, I will just say that it made me very sad for her and the life she lived. Even though I am sure the movie makers have taken certain liberties while making the movie, they seem to have stuck to the essence of Georgiana’s story. All I can say is that I am very happy that women before me have fought for our rights, so at least in some parts of the world women are free and mostly equal to men. Unfortunately, that is not the case in many other parts of the world. but maybe the 21st Century will change that. 

Photo curtesy of Wikipedia

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Amanda Foreman  wrote the book on which the movie is based and from the reviews it received from the readers on Amazon it is quite good. I am going to add it to my reading list.


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