My hair stylist

Posted on: January 18, 2009

Today my super cool hairstylist gave me a super cool haircut. It is edgy and short, and I really like it. While chatting with him about fashion, I mention The Sartorialist, a really cool blog that I love and visit frequently. I also realized at that moment that I have not added The Sartorialist to my blog and so tonight I am correcting that wrong. Anyway, my hairstylist was noticed by the man behind the blog while he was in New York City walking down the street. And when the guy asked him if he could take a picture, he agreed without realizing who was photographing him. So here he is, my super cool hairstylist. If you live in DC area and want a super cool haircut, email me and I will gladly pass you the number of his salon.

Photo curtesy of The Sartorialist

Photo courtesy of The Sartorialist


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