For those who don’t watch TV

Posted on: January 14, 2009

I don’t watch TV. I clock maybe 2 hours of television a week. Am I against most television programming? Well, ummm, yes. But this post is not a rant against TV. This post is about watching more TV. You see, my weekly average is going up because the new American Idol season has started tonight, and this show is my super guilty pleasure. Tonight they showed auditions in Phoenix, AZ, and there were some promising young singers there. Additionally there were some seriously funny people too, some very delusional people, and some very sad people. Good television was back. There is also a new judge on the show and I really like her. She is talented and accomplished music professional, and she has attitude. Paula is so sweet, and the new judge puts some sassiness into the show. So I lost spent 2 hours of my precious free time watching TV tonight. I will do that for the rest of the American Idol season. And I am going to love every moment of it.


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