Fashion for Spring 2009

Posted on: January 8, 2009

Two days ago, Angie, from YLF, posted a preview of fashion trends for Spring 2009. It is a really nice post which summarizes the upcoming trends. However, the trends themselves have made my heart sink. I will have to sit out most of them. The only trends that hold promise are the pastels, suits, fun accessories and possibly prints. The rest I can skip. Some of the unappealing trends are harem pants. Yes, harem pants, I had to read that twice. As if that wasn’t enough, last night while browsing through the latest issue of Lucky magazine I came across the harem pants.

I’ve been having a difficult relationship with fashion for the past 2 years, and it looks like that trend will definitely continue for at least a season. The fact that my style is described as feminine-androgynous (by YLF) doesn’t really help me either. It just seems that fashion has gone drab and fussy, often ugly. Gladiator sandals anyone? Those babies may have looked good on Spartacus and his pals, and even that we don’t know for sure. The only brand that I love for its beautiful clothes with classic and feminine lines and bright colors is J.Crew.  The designers for J.Crew  seem to have an uncanny ability to spot the flattering trends and exploit them, the rest of the unwearable stuff they skip. So I look forward to what they have to say about Spring 2009 before I spring for those harem pants in an act of desperation.


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