And now the 2009 really starts

Posted on: January 5, 2009

We ate all the desserts, we put away the Christmas decorations. 2009 resolutions can begin in earnest. I am going to ease myself into exercising routine by starting with an exercise DVD: Louise Solomon’s Yoga & Pilates. I bought this DVD three years ago after my daughter was born and I used it once. That is how dedicated I was to exercise. So I am going to use it this morning and see how it goes. I will give it a week before I express any opinion on it.

Indian cooking update:

Yesterday I made these three dishes for lunch:

1. Tomato Cucumber Raita from Indian Food Made Easy, pg. 132 – DELICIOUS!
2. Spinach Pilaf from Indian Food Made Easy, pg. 120 – DELICIOUS!
3. Chicken in Cashew Nut Sauce, 5 Spices, 50 Dishes, pg.65 – SUPER DELICIOUS!


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