Happy New Year!

Posted on: January 1, 2009

It is January 1st of a New year and it is time for those famous resolutions. I heard a resolution “expert” on TV say that the best way to set your resolutions is to make them realistic, and to have a plan and support system to fulfil your resolutions. It does make perfect sense. Here are mine:

– to start exercising (I bet this is the most common resolution, or maybe it is the one about loosing weight). For me it is not so much a weight issue as is health issue. I used to be very active, I danced ballet intensly for many years, but the day I found out I was pregnant, I fell of the wagon, and climbed back on a few times, only to fall off again. This year I want to be kind to my body, since it has been pretty forgiving of my negligence in the past few years. Plan: go to bed early and get up early to exercise. Support System: my man.

– to be more creative with what I have in my closet instead of constantly thinking I need to buy just one more thing. I want to especially pay attention to accessories, other then hats and scarves. I rediscovered belts; belts are very cool, especially the ones in color. Plan: set out clothes the evening before. Support System:

– to go to bed earlier (10:30 pm) and get up earlier (6 am). Plan: prepare for bed while my daughter is playing in her bath. She goes to bed at 8 pm. Support System: ahem, myself.

– to learn new technologies that are on my To Learn list. Plan and Support System: Nike – Just do it.

On an unrelated note I am really excited to watch New Year’s Concert from Vienna. It makes the New Year Holiday complete.


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