Casual Friday

Posted on: December 28, 2008

You know how employers say you can have a casual Friday, and then everyone rejoices and wears their jeans to the office, that is everyone except me. For me that used to mean that I had to tone down my dressing up for a day, and most of the time I would just dress up anyway. The reason is not that I am extremely vain, but because I lacked the proper booty-wear for casual Fridays and because I am seriously impaired when it comes to casual attires. I have one pair of jeans, Armani Exchange, which are great for my behind as long as I don’t have sit down. So I thought hard, even though it was really not a hard problem to solve, and I figured out what I needed: a high-waisted trouser cut jeans in dark wash. And that was my gift to myself for Christmas. I splurged in spite of my wailing over the economy. I got a pair of 7’s at Bloomingdale’s. They are beautiful, dark, no distractions, soft fabric and I love them. I love them so much that I want to sleep in them, and I want everyday to be casual Friday (well maybe not everyday). They go great with my motorcycle/riding boots, my oxford pumps and any other pumps really. I can even wear them with ballet flats.

Don’t hate them because they are beautiful. Get them instead!


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