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Posted on: December 25, 2008

As I said in the About page, this blog is about things I would like to share with those who visit my blog. I’ve added a Currently Reading and Currently Listening sidebars as well as the blogroll.

I am currently reading the Idiot by Dostoyevsky and I am really enjoying it. It is so well written, and I must add it is really well translated, because the risk of reading a translated work is that the translator is not superb. That can seriously impact one’s enjoyment of the book. However that is not the case with this edition of the Idiot which was translated by Henry and Olga Carlisle.

I am currently listening to Viennese Waltzes. I don’t mean this very instance, but in general around the Holidays. I grew up in Europe, and in my family it was a tradition to watch the Viennese New Year Concert every January 1st at noon. So for me the perfect seasonal music is the Viennese waltzes, basically anything by the Strausses, Lehar or any other Viennese composer of that era. Now my daughter is learning to sway the beautiful 3/4 rhythm of a waltz. And it is absolutely ok if a polka or a march sneak in to liven up the mood.

The blogroll I’ve posted so far is pretty short as far as blogrolls go. These are the blogs I read daily, and I love them. So I wanted to share them with the readers of this blog. I hope you visit them and I hope you’ll love them.


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